Verbal Analogies Exercise - Set 1

Directions: Choose the pair of words that have a similar relationship to that between the given pair of words.

1. Sing : hum :: Talk : ______

a. murmur
b. whisper
c. mumble
d. shout

Answer: c. mumble

Explanation: The meanings of the words are:

  • Murmur - It means a low continuous background noise.
  • Whisper - To speak very softly for sake of secrecy, using one's breath rather than one's throat.
  • Mumble - To say something quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.
  • Shout - loud burst of voice or a loud cry.
So, when you hum, you sing in a low voice, sometimes may be without words. Similarly, when you mumble, you say something quietly.

2. Liquid: liter

a. Weight : kilogram
b. Land : seismometer
c. Bushel : corn
d. Fame : television

Answer: a. Weight : kilogram

Explanation: The unit of measuring liquid is liter. Similarly, the unit of measuring weight is kilogram.

  • Fame and television are irrelevant.
  • Bushel is a measure of capacity equivalent to 36.4 liters (8 gallons). It is used to corn, fruits, etc.
  • Land is measured in square yard, acre, hectare, etc.
  • Seismometer measures and plots vibrations caused by an earthquake on a seismograph.

3. If Dawn: Morning, then Dusk : ________

a. Evening
b. Night
c. Darkness
d. Fog

Answer: a. Evening


  • Dusk - It is the time before night when it is not yet dark, in the evening.
  • Darkness - The total absence of light is called as darkness.
  • Fog - It is a thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere.

4. If Parson lives in Parsonage, then Pioneer lives in _________

a. Cottage
b. Wagon
c. Monastery
d. Barracks

Answer: b. Wagon

Explanation: Other given places are inhabited by:

  • Wagon - It is a place where pioneer lives in.
  • Monastery - Monks live in a monastery.
  • Cottage - It is a place where peasants live.
  • Camp or Barracks - It is a place where soldiers stay

5. If Ravens : Croak, then Ducks : __________

a. Talk
b. Gobble
c. Squeak
d. Quack

Answer: d. Quack

Explanation: Others are the sounds made by different birds like:

  • Parrots - talk
  • Turkeys - gobble
  • Mice - squeak
  • Ducks - quack

6. If Bears: Growl, then Asses: ________

a. Growl
b. Bray
c. Purr
d. Bleat

Answer: b. Bray

Explanation: Other sounds are made by animals like:

  • Asses - bray
  • Sheep/ Lambs/ Goats/ Calves - bleat
  • Cats - Purr