Synonyms Exercise - Set 1

Directions: In each of the questions below, choose the word that best expresses the meaning of the given word.

1. Comprehensive

a. partial
b. circumscribe
c. complete
d. definite

Answer: c. complete

Explanation: When something is comprehensive, it is concise and complete. And, something

The words 'partial', 'definite' and 'circumscribe' are antonyms of the word 'comprehensive' as they mean limited.

E.g. The book is comprehensive. It deals with all my problems about the subject.

2. Candid

a. tactful
b. truthful
c. brutish
d. hostile

Answer: b. truthful

Explanation: When something is candid (usually thoughts and opinion), it is truthful, straightforward and frank. In some cases it also means informal or unposed.

The meanings of other words are:

  • Tactful - thoughtful, careful, etc.
  • Brutish - wild
  • Hostile - opposed, hateful, etc.
E.g. His candid opinion was admired by everyone.

3. Explicit

a. obscure
b. careless
c. accurate
d. avoid

Answer: c. accurate

Explanation: Explicit means accurate, correct etc. It also means something which is clear and easy to understand.

Options (a) and (b) are antonyms of the word explicit.

Eg. The trainer gave explicit instructions to take the test.

4. Perpetuate

a. halt
b. neglect
c. maintain
d. let go

Answer: c. maintain

Explanation: When you perpetuate something, you keep it going or continuing.

When you halt, neglect or let go something, you stop or ignore it.

So, options (a), (b) and (d) are antonyms of the word 'Perpetuate'.

E.g. She perpetuated the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda through her books and workshops.

5. Hindrance

a. assistance
b. barrier
c. release
d. sensual

Answer: b. barrier

Explanation: Hindrance means interruption, obstacle, obstruction to something or someone.

Options (a) and (c) are antonyms of the word hindrance.

Option (d) sensual means earthly, unspiritual, etc.

E.g. He wanted to pursue a masters degree, but the high fee charged by the institution was a hindrance.

6. Inferior

a. secondary
b. chief
c. major
d. foremost

Answer: a. secondary

Explanation: Chief, major or foremost refer to things or people with high priority.
Hence, they mean superior and are opposite of the word inferior.

Inferior means lower in rank, position, quality, etc. and hence is secondary.

Eg. These products are inferior in quality.