Spellings Exercise - Set 1

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the correctly spelt word out of the given alternatives.

1. a. apalogy
    b. apollogie
    c. appology
    d. apology

Answer: d. apology

Explanation: Apology means to express one's regret, to feel sorry,

E.g. She accepted your apology.

2. a. beneficil
    b. baneficial
    c. beneficial
    d. benificial

Answer: c. beneficial

Explanation: Beneficial means advantageous, favourable, profitable, etc.

E.g. Good sleep is beneficial to health.

3. a. Completeness
    b. Compaletness
    c. Complitness
    d. Compleatness

Answer: a. Completeness

Explanation:E.g. We had a sense of satisfaction and completeness.

4. a. deliveri
    b. delivery
    c. delevary
    d. delivary

Answer: b. delivery

Explanation: E.g. The delivery charges will be charged for orders below Rs. 999.

5. a. existance
    b. exsistence
    c. existence
    d. existense

Answer: c. existence

Explanation: E.g. The existence of aliens is suspicious.


6. a. furnichur
    b. furniter
    c. forniture
    d. furniture

Answer: d. furniture

Explanation: Furniture - chairs, tables, etc. required for use or as an ornament.

E.g. She replaced her old furniture.