These 10 words do not need a preposition!

Prepositions are used to indicate the position of something with respect to other things in the surrounding. No doubt, they play an extremely important role in the construction of sentences.

However, there are some words which do not require a preposition altogether.

Have you noticed people saying, “He resembles to his father” or “The Police are investigating into the matter” or “I was discussing about the admission matter with principal”? This usage of English is annoying to the listeners.

So, here we get you the list of 10 most frequently used words that do not require any preposition.

1. Resembles

The son might look like his father but he doesn’t resemble to/with his father. He resembles his father.

2. Accompany

When you go with someone, you simply accompany them and not accompany with them

So, next time you go to a conference with your boss just say, I accompanied my boss to the conference on Digital India.

3. Approach

When you try to contact someone, you approach them and not approach to them.

For e.g. I approached the Police Commissioner for his personal interference in the matter.

4. Request

When you need some help from your colleague, you request them and not request to them.

For e.g. I requested my colleague to help me out with the new version of the software

5. Marry

You marry someone not marry with someone.
For e.g. I married my boyfriend and made him my life partner.

You would hear many people saying things like, The beautiful actress married with a high profile businessman, which is incorrect.

The correct construction for such a sentence would be, “The beautiful actress married a high profile businessman.”

6. Sign

You sign the document not sign on the document.
For e.g. The lawyer asked my father to read and sign the deed,is the correct thing to say.

It is incorrect to say, The lawyer asked my father to read and sign on the deed.

7. Return

When someone goes out, he returns home not returns to home.
For e.g. My son was going out to a party with friends. I asked him, “What time would you return home?”

It would be incorrect to say, “I asked him. “What time would you return to home?”

8. Answer

You answer a question or answer someone. You do not answer to a question or to someone.

For e.g. “The little boy has an appreciable presence of mind. He answered all the questions very intelligently.”

9. Order

When you go to a restaurant, you order the drinks. Not order for drinks.
For e.g. We went to Café Coffee Day last evening. I ordered a coffee while my son ordered a hot chocolate brownie.

10. Pass the exam

When your child gets through an exam, he passes the exam not passes in the exam.

For e.g. The SSC result is out. 85% children have passed the exam.