Idioms and Phrases on Happiness

1. On cloud nine

Meaning: A person who is very happy.
Example: She was on cloud nine when her daughter scored 95 marks in mathematics.

2. Tickled pink
Meaning: Feeling pleasant with someone/something
Example: She was tickled pink when her boyfriend informed that his leave has been approved and he is coming to marry her next month.

3. Walking on air
Meaning: A person in joyful mood.
Example: He was walking on air when he won the election by a huge margin against opposition parties.

4. Larger than life
Meaning: The quality of fame or an extra-ordinary life.
Example: Ali, the world famous tabla player passed away last night. His friends remembered his achievements and described him as larger than life.

5. To be like a dog with two tails

Meaning: Be joyous when something good happens.
Example: The Indian team was like a dog with two tails when they won the World Cup.

6. As cool as a cucumber
Meaning: In a relaxed mood.
Example: When exams got over, Ruhi was as cool as a cucumber. She planned to spend her holidays with her cousins.

7. In someone’s good book
Meaning: If someone is pleased with you.
Example: I helped my sister in cleaning the house yesterday, so I am in mom's good books.

8. Have the patience of a saint
Meaning: A person who remains calm without getting angry on anyone.
Example: i) The reason of her happiness is that she has the patience of a saint.
ii) She really has the patience of a saint. Even after tortured by her stepmother since childhood, she runs the whole house.

9. Patience is a virtue.
Meaning: It is ability to wait for something calmly.
Example: Patience is a virtue often tested in the times of conflict.

10. Rome wasn’t built in a day
Meaning: Any great work takes time to complete.
Example: My dear friend, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Please don't be nervous, it was just your first attempt.

11. Turn back the hands of time
Meaning:  To go back to the past memories.
Examples: The old photographs in the album turned back the hands of time for Nikita.

12. Over the moon
Meaning: Someone who is enthusiastic/pleased/happy.
Example: Miley was over the moon when she met her favourite Hollywood actor.