Idioms & Phrases Exercise - Set 1

Directions: Choose the alternative that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom.

1. To talk one's head off
a. To shout loudly
b. To talk in whispers
c. To talk to oneself
d. To talk excessively

Answer: d. To talk excessively    

Explanation: E.g. I would like to visit my grandfather more often, but he talks his head off every time I visit him.

2. To play fast and loose
a. To trust others
b. To be undependable
c. To cheat people
d. To hurt somebody's feelings
e. To be quick

Answer: b. To be undependable
Explanation: E.g. The drama was very entertaining even though it played fast and loose with the true story.

3. To talk through one's hat
a. To speak fluently
b. To talk nonsense
c. To talk wisely
d. To speak randomly

Answer: b. To talk nonsense    

Explanation: E.g. My friends generally avoid her because, she always talks through her hat.

4. To snap one's fingers
a. To grasp eagerly
b. To speak abruptly
c. To accept immediately
d. To become contemptuous of

Answer: d. To become contemptuous of   

Explanation: E.g. He was snapping his fingers in time with the music.

5. To spill the beans
a. To misbehave
b. To great obstructions
c. To keep secrets
d. To reveal secret information

Answer: d. To reveal secret information    

Explanation: E.g. My brother spilled the beans about the surprise party planned for our parents, by telling them during a conversation last night.

6. To save one's face
a. To hide oneself
b. To oppose
c. To evade disgrace
d. To protect

Answer: c. To evade disgrace    

Explanation: E.g. His mother was more interested in saving face, than accepting the truth about her mischievous son.