Time lost is opportunity lost!

Time lost is opportunity lost!

Do you agree? No or yes, it is true! If we lose time, we lose opportunities.

Time lost is opportunity lost - essay for kidsIf you wake up late, you lose an opportunity to exercise and see the morning sun. If you keep sitting idle, you lose the time to do creative things like reading, writing, making a good drawing or learning new games. If we keep on talking, we lose time to study for exams.

We can get a lot of time if we do not waste it. Using our time constructively can help us grow our knowledge and become stronger physically.

If we are sick, we should not just keep watching T.V. We should rest, or if we are able to sit and think, we should do that.

We usually lose time in unproductive things like sitting, talking, watching TV, playing mobile games, sleeping till late etc. We can use this time to play, rest, exercise and enjoy with family. Using our time judiciously will ensure that we are never in a hurry and all our things are done properly at the right time.

Contributed by: Prithvi Singh
Class: IV
Indira National School, Pune.