Idioms and Phrases on Plans & Processes

No business can succeed without plans and processes. You will have to have a game plan to get your initiative off the ground.

Yes, this often lengthy but important phase of work can be described with some interesting idioms and phrases. Here, we get them to you:

1. Game plan

Meaning: A strategy or plan made to be successful, especially in business.
Example: The free gifts on each subscription is a part of the game plan to increase the subscriber’s base.

2. A dead duck

Meaning: A plan or event that has certainty to fail and it is worthless to discuss.
Example: After the failure of the last season of wrestling championship, media was not interested in covering the current season. It is a dead duck for them.

3. Sell ice to Eskimos

Meaning: To convince people to go against their best interest or to accept
something foolish.
Example: He has the skills of marketing and selling products. He could sell
ice to Eskimos.

4. Get something off the ground

Meaning: If you get a project off the ground, it means you have started it and
running successfully.
Example: We require loan from bank to get our project off the ground.