Antonyms Exercise - Set 1

Direction: Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

1. Absurd

a. rational
b. crazy
c. swift  
d. illogical

Answer: a. rational

Explanation: The antonym of the word 'Absurd' is rational.

When something is absurd, it doesn’t make sense. It is foolish, laughable, silly, etc.

Options (b) crazy and (d) illogical are synonyms of the word 'Absurd'

Swift means rapid, unexpected, rapid, etc. So, this is absolutely unrelated.

Example in a sentence:

He was fired for offering absurd reasons for his poor performance.

2. Vulgar
a. cheap
b. expensive
c. refined
d. impure

Answer: c. refined  
Explanation: When something is vulgar, it is not decent or dignified and hence unsuitable or cheap.

As it is clear, in this case, the word refined is the closest antonym to vulgar

E.g. -  He always cracks vulgar jokes.

3. Brief

a. instruction
b. concise
c. enormous
d. scanty

Answer: c. enormous

Explanation: Options (a), (b) and (d) are synonyms of the word 'Brief'

Example in a sentence:
She answered the questions in brief.

4. Endanger

a. venture
b. threaten
c. defend
d. careless

Answer: c. defend

Explanation: When something is endangered, it is under threat and the opposite of it is to save or protect it.

The action of saving or protecting is shown by defending it.

Options (a), (b) and (d) are synonyms of the word 'Endanger'.

Venture means an adventure or undertaking involving risk or uncertainty.  

Eg. He will never endanger his live for others.

5. Generous

a. liberal
b. inconsiderate
c. charitable
d. lavish

Answer: b. inconsiderate

Explanation :  When someone is generous, he is large hearted and does things to help others. He considers their problems to be his own and hence is “considerate”

Options (a), (c) and (d) are synonyms of the word generous

Example in a sentence: His generosity has won him many friends.

6. Judicious
a. Indiscreet
b. Unlawful
c. Impure
d. Unequal

Answer: a. Indiscreet   
Explanation: When some is Judicious, they have a good sense, judgement in making decisions, etc.

And, someone who is Indiscreet exhibits carelessness, foolishness, etc.

Eg. We should use our resources judiciously, so that we do not face scarcity.