Idioms and Phrases on Education

Idioms and Phrases not only help you communicate your thoughts in a very few words but also make your talks interesting.

Here are some interesting idioms and phrases which you can use while talking about your academic life.

1. Copycat
   Meaning: Those who copy other's work.
   Sentence: Seena is a copycat. She usually copies answers from her mate.

2. Pass with flying colors
   Meaning: To pass a test with high scores.
   Sentence: Studying hard can get you pass with flying colors.

3. Drop out of school
   Meaning: A student who stops attending school/college before completing his/her studies.        
   Sentence:He started assisting his father in their family business at an early age. Due to the lack of time he had to drop out of school.

4. Teacher’s pet
   Meaning: Teacher’s favorite student.
   Sentence: Being a talented girl, Rose is her teacher’s pet.

5. Bookworm
   Meaning: Someone who reads a lot.
   Sentence: He is a bookworm and has read almost 15 books in 10 days.

6. Clear as a bell
   Meaning: Which is easy to understand.
   Example: All topics taught today are clear as bell to me.

7. In a nutshell
       Meaning: In brief
   Example: In a nutshell, the chapter teaches us the importance of hard work and honesty.

8. Piece of cake
   Meaning: Very easy.
   Example: Mathematics is piece of cake for Leena.

9. Use your noodle
   Meaning: To apply brain in solving problems.
   Example: This is a tough numerical. Use your noodles to arrive at the right solution.

10. A mystery to you.
   Meaning: Something which cannot be understood.
   Example: The concept of motion of a body in a parabolic trajectory is a mystery to me till date.